About Smart Ghana Homes

Who We Are

What We Do

We design and build communities to a high quality standard with timeless designs that reduce the environmental footprint of our residents.


We retain experienced consultants to enable us to closely review the design, budget and building processes.


We have developed a model that ensures our residents save money by being environmentally friendly.


Careful planning and our building process ensures our pricing model saves residents money daily.

Smart Ghana Homes is part of the Smart Investors Group with interests in Estate Development, Property Management and Construction Services. We are ethical company and do our bit to protect the environment.

. Our model allows SGH to execute large projects without the overhead of a large staff numbers. This model fits our business practice where we have interests in large land banks which are strategic in nature.

• Our parcels of land are spread in the Southern part of the country, mostly in close proximity to the capital, Accra. This approach saves developers from locking up their capital in land which they hope to utilise over several years

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